Sometimes, despite our best efforts, areas of pinchable fat can still remain at various places on the body, spoiling the desired body shape we are trying to achieve. 

The Medizen dramatic weightloss and body image program has two options to help remove those stubborn pockets of annoying fat.

CoolSculpting®  – painlessly and permanently – utilising the clinically proven science of Cryolipolysis® freezes fat cells and destroys them permanently without the need for surgery. It is non-invasive and safe and delivers outstanding results in just a matter of weeks. The treatment has other benefits too. CoolSculpting® involves no needles, requires no anaesthetic and there’s no downtime following treatment.

CoolSculpting is the worlds number 1 non-invasive fat reduction system. With over seven million treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared fat freezing treatment, which permanently and safely removes 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area. No needles, no surgery, no downtime!

MediZen – The only clinic in the West Midlands with DualSculpting™ so you can treat multiple areas at one time – twice the fat in half the time!

Aqualyx – an injectable treatment that targets and dissolves fat cells. This treatment allows us to treat small pockets of stubborn fat in areas such as the double chin or abdomen.

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